Monday, 3 January 2011

Well, it's Monday morning and i've just attempted my first EVER omlette - and I must say it came out pretty well. I used the original suggestion from the diet plan, but i added a little garlic and some pepper to give it something of a kick. I only had three cherry tomatoes also, so there's a chance i subsequently ate less than 50g. It was a pretty damn satisfying omlette I actually, but I'm feeling pretty full now. I'm surprised at how much the diet allows you to eat, considering i'm now supposed to have half an english muffin and drink some orange juice and take my tablet.

I'm not really sure why anyone would eat half a muffin - perhaps that's why i'm fat, haha! I also don't think I have a muffin in the house, but I guess I can forage (i've already foraged for onions and tomatoes in the bottom of my fridge today) - I'll let you know if it's mission accomplished (i somehow doubt it).
My next issue is one that comes with the PLAGUE that is bank holidays - the gym is not open. Dun dun DUUUNNNN. So, I'm going to tidy my room, get organised and hopefully burn a few calories that way :)!
I'm also thinking I need some kind of physical 'detox' as well as eating better and exercising. Christmas always seems to leave me feeling battered and looking like a spotty teen, so it's always good to get in a few home facials, a new hairdo, etc. If you've got any fun ideas - set them free and let me know.
Well, I need to go and take my 'fat metabolising' tablet (i'm becoming more sceptical about this by the minute) I'll add to this later and let you know how the day goes.


First day of this experiment went extremely well I would say! I haven't felt hungry and I've eaten a nice variety of food. I did miss out the afternoon snack however, which I know is NAUGHTY...but I just wasn't really that hungry! I think i'm going to find it difficult eating five times a day instead of three, but i'll do my best...
It's really weird to be sitting here talking to noone and everyone at the same time. That's the wonder of the internet.

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