Thursday, 13 January 2011

Well, well, well.
Watched an interesting documentary last night, from which I basically learned two things.
1. Protein will keep you fuller for 10% longer than other foods of equal calorific content and
2. If you eat soup, as opposed to the individual components that would be in the soup and a glass of water, the soup will keep you fuller for around 3/4 hours longer, because it can't be digested as quickly.

Interesting ;)
Off to see Love & Other Drugs tonight, night!

Monday, 10 January 2011

‎'He just missed the bird, but he managed to catch hold of the long beautiful feathers in its tail.'

Sometimes life is not about the achievement of the goals you set your sights on, but about the taking account of all those beautiful feathers you tear away from others as you rush ahead on life's short journey.

A response to 'konrad.juengling's question: What is the rainbow diet?

Well, this is only a short explanation (i'm in a little bit of a hurry!) but my original interpretation of the rainbow diet (the pre-concieved one in my head) appears to have been completely wrong. But that's nothing a little internet research can't cure (...i hope :P)

According to the official website, Rainbow Diet is 'a nutritional breakthrough because it incorporates all the different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet into the food we eat. Foods with a variety of colors have different healthy nutrients: vitamins, minerals, microelements, antioxidants, etc. We will identify the most useful foods for your condition and create one personalized nutritional plan, which will address not only your weight goals but your health concerns as well.'

Following that, it explains itself as a diet which incorporates all different 'colours' of food into it - so basically, you get a wide variety of foods with different nutritional qualities. This diet is also linked to cancer treatment.

This explanation is totally different to the idea that was already in my head. The idea I had of the rainbow diet was actually what is known as the 'Pro Ana Rainbow Diet', which means that 'Each day, only foods from a certain color group are allowed, such as yellow or red. Calories vary from 283 to 40 calories per day. The total amount of calories consumed per week is 696 calories. Most of the food consists of low calorie fruits and vegetables.'

An example of the pro-ana version of the diet would be:

Rainbow Diet
Monday (white):
Breakfast: ½ apple (40.5 cals)
Lunch: ½ apple (40.5 cals)
Dinner: 1 cucumber (24 cals)
Total: 105 cals

Tuesday (yellow):
Breakfast: 1 banana (108.5 cals)
Lunch: 1 banana (108.5 cals)
Dinner: ½ cup corn (66 cals)
Total: 283 cals

Wednesday (fast):

Thursday (orange):
Breakfast: ½ orange (31 cals)
Lunch: ½ orange (31 cals)
Dinner: 1 carrot (26 cals)
Total: 88 cals

Friday (red):
Breakfast: ½ cup strawberries (21.5 cals)
Lunch: ½ cup strawberries (21.5 cals)
Dinner: ½ red pepper (16 cals)
Total: 59 cals

Saturday (purple/blue):
Breakfast: 10 blueberries (8 cals)
Lunch: 10 blueberries (8 cals)
Dinner: 10 raspberries (24 cals)
Total: 40 cals

Sunday (green):
Breakfast: ½ cup grapes (57 cals)
Lunch: ½ grapes (57 cals)
Dinner: 1 cup lettuce (7 cals)
Total: 121 cals

Week total: 696 cals

Did that answer your question...(sort of)?

Stay safe!


Saturday, 8 January 2011

How do I do this?
I am submerging myself in a world I should not want to be a part of, and yet I actively seek to become a fibre of its existance.

Friday, 7 January 2011

It was all yellow.


Alright, so,

- Banana
- detox tea

- Wrap containing yellow vegetables etc,
- Banana

- possibly soup or a stir fry, depending on the mood.

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Tomorrow, the rainbow diet begins.

Desparation, much?
Tonight I'm going for a drink with the boy that started this whole 'weight' thing. I don't know why i'm going, why I feel so nervous or why he wants to see me. I'm terrified that he'll look at me and think i'm huge compared to the last time he saw me and i've already cancelled twice because of that.
Last night I spoke to two people that I have had no contact with for almost three years. The last two days have been like a spiral backwards, and now I feel like i've been catapulted into everything I thought i'd gotten away from. It's not a particularly bad feeling...but I am surprised by how little inclined I am to rekindle any form of friendship with these people. The fact is, if the person believes they have changed...they probably haven't. I'm not even sure I wanted them to change, I would've been more impressed if they'd stucked to their guns and stayed exactly as the people they wanted to be, rather than conforming to what I needed from them.
Life is a funny journey.
I'll let you know how tonight goes.