Sunday, 2 January 2011


I guess everyone has a New Year's resolution. Perhaps several.
I guess most of us know that those around us probably won't keep those resolutions, but this 'blog' (as I believe they're called!) is mine and at this moment in time, I intend to keep it.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Jasmine. I'm English Literature student, and I'm looking to lose weight. I was happy with my body for such a long time (I met a boy, was in love, didn't eat as much, etc, was happy) but it's been a long while since him and I can't stand my body anymore. I want to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see, but this time, I want to do it properly, without starvation or binging or craziness. This blog is about experimenting with new ways of losing weight and of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am going to experiment with different diets and products in an attempt to lose a few pounds - and hopefully help a few other people find healthy ways to get healthy (not just thin). I'm also going to be exercising three times a week and using that as a 'constant' against which I can try different dieting methods (how scientific I am!). I also may have to alter elements of the diet plan because I am vegetarian, but i'll make a point of telling you all when I do that and how I alter it. SO, commence experiment #1:

The Product

The first 'product' I have here to try is based on a recommendation from a friend of mine who claims it to 'work miracles'. The product is called 'fat metaboliser' and is sold in Holland and Barratt (see You get 120 tablets for £7.71 and you have to take two a day (one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon), giving you a 60 day supply (not bad in 'diet pill' terms). I must admit, I'm not a huge or even partial believer in diet pills or any type of fat metabolisation magic, but I think it's only fair to experiment with everything and be gracious in my attempts. Fat Metaboliser (tm!) is a 'thermogenic formula which, when combined with [their] healthy eating and exercise plan, may help you control your cravings, assist the body in using up excessive fat stores and help you eliminate unwanted weight'. Alrighty then...

The first thing I would say, is that the product DOES provide you with a fourteen day diet plan, which is extremely helpful because it gives some clarity concerning how to implement the tablets alongside a plan. It also gives you exercise guidelines, so I guess it really gives you quite a comprehensive plan, which is useful - even if the tablets do nothing!

The Eating Plan

Okay, so, the eating plan says:
1. to allow 1500 calories with less than 25% coming from fat.
2. to plan meals, not skip them.
3. to keep a diary of your progress (this blog serves that purpose)
4. try not to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime, and if you can't wait until morning, have a snack that is underneath 100 calories.
5. enlist the help of a friend.

Looking at the fourteen day diet plan, it's really comprehensive and uses quite everyday things which would make it useable. I'm not going to type up the whole plan here, but i'll type up the first day, just to show you how it looks. Here goes.

2 egg omlette w/50g tomatoes and 50g onions cooked in a non-stick frying pan
topped with 25g low fat cheese (although i think perhaps I would just skip that bit - not a cheese fan)
1/2 an english muffin
1 tsp. butter
250 ml orange or apple juice
1 fat metaboliser tablet (i like the inclusion of the tablet in the plan..)

Mid-Morning Snack
Large slice o cantaloupe melon or 1/2 grapefruit
herbal tea/water

200g 'salad greens' (e.g. endive, lettuce, escarole, spinach), tomatoes, watercress, cucumbers, celery
topped with 75g grilled chicken or turkey (will be altering that!)
1 small apple
4 tbsp. low fat dressing
low calorie beverage or water (min. 250 ml)

Mid-Afternoon Snack
4 melba toasts or rice cakes
100g low fat cottage cheese
fat metaboliser tablet

200g pasta w/100g tomato sauce and 50g turkey meatballs
200g mixed vegetables (excluding peas and sweetcorn)
2 tbsp. raisins w/6 almonds.

My opinions on this diet at face value are that it looks exceedingly varied and yet contains accessible foods. There seems to be quite a substancial amount of eating involved however (it sort of looks like i'm going to be eating ALL DAY!). The diet is very specific about what foods to eat, how much and how to cook them as well - which I think often gets forgotten. I'm also just going to mention that i'll be replacing all the meat with vegetarian alternatives of a similar calorific value - so it hopefully shouldn't affect the plan too much.

So, it's half one in the morning, and I think I need to go to sleep so that i'm up in time to visit the supermarket and commence on this journey, hah!
I'll write soon and let you know how I'm getting on - and if anyone would like a copy of the full 14 day plan, let me know and i'll send it.

Stay sexy, stay slim.

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